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From One Louvre to Another


This book has been published to accompany the first temporary exhibition at the new Louvre Abu Dhabi. Tracing the birth of the Musée du Louvre in Paris in the 18th century, this beautifully crafted trilingual work sheds light on the way a public collection is formed, drawing mainly on the collections of the Musée du Louvre and the Château de Versailles. The exhibition evokes the creation of the Musée du Louvre from the time of Louis XIV, when the royal collections were presented in the gardens and Grand Apartments at Versailles, through to the opening of the Muséum in the Palais du Louvre in 1793. It examines the question of the origins and role of the museum, born of royal will, and the evolution of artistic practices, enhanced by a reflection on the transmission and teaching of art.

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Abu Dhabi State of Environment Report


Using UNEP’s science-based information to describe the conditions and trends of the environmental system, the Abu Dhabi State of Environment Report informs sustainable development decision-making by providing scientifically credible environmental information and knowledge about key interactions between society and the natural environment in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This invaluable resource is available in separate English and Arabic editions and has a dedicated bilingual website. A separate print version of the Executive Summary is also available.

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Maxims of a Man of Schemes


Elegant, culturally accessible and beautiful, this work of original aphorisms in Russian and English from the perspective of a very successful business magnate features exceptional design and production values to ensure a striking, relevant and truly high-quality book. The text of Maxims of a Man of Schemes is balanced throughout by fine-art illustrations, including a number supplied by contemporary painters of the author’s acquaintance.

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Hajj: Memories of a Journey

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This is the catalogue of the ground-breaking exhibition Hajj: Memories of a Journey, which opened to the public in September 2017. Through a combination of beautiful historic objects, this work represents a powerful and moving narrative of the faith and tenets of Islam, and the reverence for Mecca and Medina. In addition to the dual-language English and Arabic catalogue, there are separate brochures in five language editions: Arabic, English, Chinese, Russian and Urdu.


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Heritage Preservation in Islamic Contexts


This dual-language e-book edition documents UCL Qatar’s work in the area of conservation and preservation in addition to research projects undertaken by leading experts in the field.

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UCL Qatar Annual Report 15/16


Following on from the success of the first edition of the Report (see 2014/15 Report), this dual-language edition of the Annual Report focuses on the track record and advances made by the university over the course of the 2015-16 academic year.

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Emirates to the World

Postal Book

While mail, as a tool of correspondence, was first known to the ancient civilisations of the pre-Islamic Arab region, it was not until the Islamic era that mail became truly operational. Emirates to the World: Postal History from 1909 to Unification relates to the inaugural exhibition of the Etihad Museum in Dubai and tells the engaging story of postal services in the Emirates from their earliest days of the Trucial States through to unification and the formation of the UAE in 1971.

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But We Cannot See Them


This is the first comprehensive sourcebook for one of the most important contemporary art communities in the UAE’s history. Available in separate English and Arabic editions, this work complete with a bespoke timeline centers on a group sometimes called “the five,” at an intersection of visual artists, writers, and filmmakers based in the UAE. Its members identified with a “new culture” of encouraging radical, formal and conceptual experimentation. Eventually, some of these artists founded the celebrated Flying House.

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Greater than a Wall


Two worlds and families collide with the arrival of the wall across the West Bank. When an Israeli youth is killed by a Palestinian youth in suspicious circumstances, it falls on the reluctant Aron Lunzer from the right-wing Israeli media to question the inconsistencies in the official report. His investigation leads him to Jewish and Islamic extremists and to a Lebanese Christian who curses like a pure Sephardic Jew and reminds him of his dead wife. Together, they uncover the events that led to the deaths of the two youths in a race to foil a suicide mission that is set to ignite a third intifada.

As Brexit UK and Trump’s America continue to divide societies, this compelling novel provides a stark reminder of what can happen to communities when walls are built between people.

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Sir Bani Yas & The Church of the East


This special-edition volume, which was presented as a gift to Pope Francis by Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, tells the story of Sir Bani Yas island, shedding light on aspects of the Church of the East and the role it played in the past and its future role in terms of heritage and educational tourism. Sir Bani Yas represents the spirit of collaboration: a place where archaeologists, natural scientists and anthropologists have joined forces to make culture relevant, meaningful and enjoyable.

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