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Diana Al-Hadid: Phantom Limb

This scholarly catalogue reviews the recent work of Syrian-American artist Diana Al-Hadid at a critical juncture in her fast-growing career. Already represented by a major New York gallery (Marianne Boesky), this bilingual publication (English and Arabic) marks the occasion of her first solo show in the Middle East, at the Art Gallery of NYU Abu Dhabi – a new exhibition venue dedicated to museum-quality exhibitions and scholarly, timely publications.

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The Awakening: Peter Halley and Pietro Roccasalva

The Awakening is a dazzlingly unconventional and brilliantly unique catalogue highlighting Mottahedan Projects’ latest exhibition. Featuring poetry by John Yau and artist interviews by Salwa Mikdadi, the book features stunning photography and cutting-edge design to offer a unique insight into the works of two of the most exciting international artists working today.

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Diar Consult: An Architectural Journey

This book celebrates a full quarter century of work produced by Samir and Sheila Daoud, a partnership of a husband and wife team that was intent on taking a responsible role in the development of a young nation with unprecedented ambition, and contributing to the impressive transformation of the UAE and the broader Arab region. Collating architectural projects undertaken by Diar Consult, this work illustrates a remarkable and diverse range, varying from small private homes to ambitious residential communities and iconic and award-winning office developments.

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Qatar UK

Damien Hirst’s seven-metre-long shark in formaldehyde, an architectural blueprint that re-imagines Doha’s oldest neighbourhood as an educational hub, sophisticated abayas paired with haute couture hats in a runway show: these are just some of the events that the arts programme of Qatar UK 2013 made happen, encompassing nearly every form of creative expression: fine arts and drama, music and dance, architecture and design, fashion and film.

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Qatar Japan

Qatar Japan 2012 (in English, Arabic and Japanese) marks a significant milestone in Qatar and Japan’s bilateral relations: the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations. Through an incredible year of exhibitions, such as the Pearls: Jewels of the Sea exhibition at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Kobe, Murakami’s retrospective in Doha, and Qatar Week: Ferjaan in Tokyo, the people of both countries celebrated each other’s culture and strengthened the friendship that brings them together.

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Gardening in Arabia

Gardening in Arabia is primarily a comprehensive guide – available in both English and Arabic editions – to creating beautiful gardens in the Gulf region, and comes with a handy pullout supplement aimed at helping buyers browse for plants in nurseries. However, given the academic attention to such details as botanical classification, height and spread, leaf shape and type, varieties available in the region, plant origins, care and benefits, the book is truly encyclopaedic in its approach to annuals.

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