Rashid Yaseen: The Complete Poetic Works

This publication in Arabic presents the complete poetic works of the late Iraqi poet Rashid Yaseen, one of the pioneers who revolutionized Arabic poetry in the twentieth century by creating a new style with more fluid and expressive meters and rhymes. Over the course of more than six decades, he wrote some of the most beautiful verses ever written in the Arabic language in both the classic and modern styles. His poetry touched on a wide range of subjects, from the tumultuous events in the Middle East and the world as he witnessed them, to beauty, love, and the suffering of the human soul. He also wrote a great deal of literary criticism and translated many literary texts into Arabic, including exquisite translations of some of Shakespeare’s sonnets into Arabic verse. Categorized by year and thereby tracing the evolution of his penmanship, this anthology represents the entire known body of Rashid Yaseen’s poetic work, capturing the beauty of rhythm and rhyme, and the amazing combination of depth, eloquence, and simplicity of expression that are the hallmark of his style and that place him among the world’s greatest poets.


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