What we offer

While we typically take on all the responsibilities and management of a project – from initial briefing to final delivery – to create the image and results in line with our clients’ needs, we can also tailor our involvement to suit specific publishing requirements. This means we can supply various elements separately: editorial assistance, project management, design oversight, indexing, printing or adding a digital and interactive component to your work. Download our handy checklist.



  • Editorial: Drafting, copyediting, reviewing and proof-reading all copy in a variety of languages and combinations
  • Our language specialists and translators work in English, Arabic, French and German. Books can therefore be offered in any of these languages, including bilingual and trilingual volumes 
  • Project management: Managing book projects from start to finish, our experienced project managers provide one-on-one client servicing, including the drafting of schedules for book projects, follow-up with all team members, quality control of design and editorial to ensure book projects meet deadlines and are delivered to print on time
  • Design: Working with some of the most contemporary designers in the field, managing the creative design process based on the guidelines and direction of individual clients
  • This versatility extends to being able to design in other scripts, particularly Arabic, thanks to our seasoned graphic designers from the Arab region



  • Production: Using state-of-the-art colour reproduction techniques, ensuring font consistency, colour conversion (RGB to CMYK) and file integrity colour correction
  • Books are entirely personalized in any format, hardback or paperback, leather or cloth bound, gold foiling and embossing, with cloth slipcase or wooden, silk-lined box etc. Samples are always provided to the client before any print job
  • Printing: Liaising with a variety of printers, including US-based printers of royal stationery (Thornwillow in New York) and leading printers of art books (Graphicom in Verona), books are printed on the highest quality art paper and to the most exacting standards
  • Photography: Arranging for sessions with world-class and discreet photographers, who have previously worked with royalty (particularly in the Gulf region)
  • Illustration: Working with leading international illustrators, we are able to provide customized illustrations, timelines and infographics in a variety of styles




  • Digital: We are able to offer a range of digital options, from e-books to animated digital narrative versions of books, digital timelines and micro-sites to complement book projects