Unraveling Persuasion

Persuasion does not fit neatly into a category. It is baked into language, culture and notions of perception that have evolved over millennia and adapted to varying global contexts. It spans the purest of intents to the darkest depths of coercion and conspiracy, with differing connotations and levels of acceptance defining where one classification ends and another begins. Complex, multifaceted and contextualized, persuasion has many dimensions which overlap across a spectrum of theories and activities. This publication brings together voices and conversations from the UK, US, Qatar, Egypt, Greece, Belgium and Germany to reflect upon persuasion from a range of cultural and disciplinary perspectives. Interviews with leading academics explore the theories which underpin persuasion, while historians and creative practitioners explore its active application in publicity, advertising, typography, photography and design.



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This is the fourth publication in the Voices and Conversations series of the Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar. With contributions from leading analysts and academics, this series explores and cross-examines the effects, opportunities and threats in a diverse number of areas.

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